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Adult Share is a community for the sharing and enjoyment of pornographic movies.


Copy/Paste this & fill it in when posting.

<img src="LINK TO IMAGE"> (optional)

<b>Film:</b> <a href="LINK HERE">[Title]</a> [size of file]
<b>Genre:</b> [lesbian/gay/anal/vintage/oral/etc]
<b>Kinks/Fetishes:</b> [BSDM, incest, anal, threesome, etc]
<b>Description:</b> [a brief summary of the plot or events]

<b>Notes:</b> [anything else you want to say. mention quality, length, rareness, hotness, who's in it, how much you love it, why you're posting it, whatever.]

01. No spamming. This means no community promotions, links to websites, or anything that isn't a film upload.
02. All posts are friends-locked. This is for everyone's benefit.
03. Porn of all flavors is welcome. As long as it's legal, we're cool.
04. Members must be 18+. Obviously.
05. Please, nothing amateur. Exceptions are stuff made specifically for an established paysite or series. Nothing on webcams or that kind of thing - it's low quality and legally sketchy.
06. Do NOT post URLs from this community to message boards or websites.
07. Follow the posting format.

+ Posts are moderated to ensure these rules are followed.

This community was inspired by another, designed for the sharing of cinematic movies. That community isn't linked as a courtesy to them (if this is censured, we wouldn't want it to effect them), but the concept and design of AdultShare is based off of it. In case you were wondering.

Q: How big do files have to be?
A: Anything under 10-15 minutes is probably too short. The idea is to swap decent-sized video files, not clips.

Q: My file doesn't have a title, or I don't know it, can I post it?
A: Yes, just make up something that fits, like "Nurse Spanks Naughty Patient".

Q: Where should I host my file?
A: We recommend SendSpace, because it's simple to use and links last a long time. However, any free hosting system works.

Anyone joining this community in territories where its contents are illegal are responsible for their own misconduct. Copyrights on all materials posted lie with their original creators. No profit is being made from this community.